Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Election Part 1

There’s much that can be said about this election.  It could be said that Romney, a Northeast, I’ll be generous and say moderate, was a bad candidate to deliver the message of fiscal restraint and smaller government. True enough.  He never really believed it and therefore didn’t come across very genuine.

There are already calls from mainstream Republicans that Romney didn’t pivot to the middle soon enough to capture those independents.  And if that is the correct analysis then the underlying reason is really quite simple, while American’s poll their support for smaller government, it’s not true.  America has become an entitlement minded country.  It was foisted on us by F.D.R. and embraced by Republicans and Democrats  ever since.  It has taken 70 years to create this mindset and the demographics are not helping.  Until Americans relearn that government can’t bring security, eschew both of these parties and embrace new ideas our slide into oblivion will continue. 

So, on that happy note….Congratulate your Democratic friends and stock up on food, ammunition and buy a generator.

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