Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pope John Paul's II Miracles

It was determined that Pope John Paul II has only one more miracle to go to meet the requirement for Sainthood.  Pope Benedict the XVI has approved the curing of Sister Simon-Pierre of Parkinson's disease, the same disease that Paul II suffered, as a miracle after she found herself cured upon waking from a dream about the dead Pope.  She and others had been praying to John Paul II to help her.  But I submit that another miracle is not required.  Cardinal Bernard Law, formerly the Archbishop emeritus of the Diocese of Boston resigned that office on Dec. 13, 2002 and immediately left for Rome to become  Archpriest of the Basilica de Santa Maria Maggiore, at the direction of John Paull II, allegedly only hours before Massachuettes State Troopers arrived with subpoeanas for his appearance before a Grand Jury investigating his part in the cover-up of child molestations.  Pretty miraculous in my opinion.

Keith Olbermann & the Hypocrisy of the Left

Keith Obermann has left MSNBC.  I don't know what the brouhaha was all about but I have one question.  Why did Keith negotiate a contract for $7.5M per year for 4 years?  The left complains loudly about senior executives making more than 20 times the average wage.  They cite European companies where that ratio is typical as the model to follow.  Using a liberal number of $92,000.00 as the average wage scale for NBC, Mr. Olbermann should have insisted that his contract not exceed $1.8M per year.  But, in reality, if $1.8M is what he believes would be a fair salary for the CEO of General Electric, then for the sake of equity, something the left is passionate about, he should have insisted on being paid signifcantly less that $1.8M.  I think $900K would have been fair. If it's determined that this divorce was about money, I'm sure it was because Keith was insisting his salary be lowered and he decided to resign to protest MSNBC's intransigence.

NY Times: Jigsaw picture of an accused killer 15 January 2011

To the Editor:

As a factual presentation, this article is excellent. There are however, two instances of editorial commentary that, not surprisingly, tie Jared Loughner to right-wing extremists. This isn’t accidental. The New York Times and other main stream media outlets are determined to link this incident to right-wing politics. I find it reprehensible.

Both instances are related to his views on the “the need for a new monetary system” that he ostensibly thinks should be “gold and silver”. There are extremes on both the left and the right that would replace our monetary system and based on the economic events of the last couple of years not only extremists are contemplating the need to consider new and even old ideas in this area.

It was gratuitous of the New York Times to link Loughner to right-wing extremists in this article and a retraction is requested.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Email to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

Dr. Bernanke,

I was extremely dismayed by a response you gave on a recent "60 Minutes" interview. I believe it was Steve Croft who asked you if the Federal Reserve was "printing money" to pay for the Treasury Bonds it is purchasing as part of QE2. To answer that question literally was extremely disingenuous and makes it difficult for me to believe anything you say in the future. You and I both know that by use of the phrase "printing money" Mr. Croft was not referring to printing currency. I'm sure the Fed is not paying for these bonds with currency. He was, in fact, referring to the fact that the Federal Reserve is paying for these bonds with created money. There's no shame in that. It is simply the truth. And for you to obfuscate the obvious is inexcusable.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Larry David Op Ed New York Times Dec. 21, 2010

To the Editor:

Larry David is a very funny man.  But it is a sign of psychological distress when someone uses humor to assuage guilt.  The Jews and Catholics have a common tradition when it comes to guilt as a child development tool.  As a cradle Catholic, I’m familiar with the phenomenon.  It is obvious to me that Mr. David feels extreme guilt for his not having donated his portion of the Bush Tax cuts of the last 8-10 years.  He needs to write that check today before his mother finds out.  Make it out to the Internal Revenue Service.  You’ll feel better in the morning.  I promise.