Thursday, December 29, 2011

Romney Wins Iowa

If I’m wrong it won’t be as embarrassing as “Dewey Defeats Truman”, but then this ain’t exactly the Chicago Tribune.

This bizarre Republican Primary season and its flavor of the week madness have to come to an end and it just may be next week in Iowa.

I’m no fan of Romney; in fact, I’ve disliked him for quite a while. I also don’t like Bachman, Perry, Huntsman, Santorum (I REALLY don’t like Santorum) more on that later. Newt, I kinda like, except for the mischievous grin and the lunar mining idea. But at least he thinks outside the box and apparently even the planet. But back to Romney, he’s a Democratic (Dems don't like their political opponents to use Democrat, so I'm trying to be respectfully consistent), ok maybe not a registered Democratic but he was Governor of Mass for crying out loud. They don’t elect Republicans, Senator Brown being a rare exception and probably a one termer. But my big beef with Romney are his 5 sons. Not one even considered going into the military. When asked about their non service he said they serve by helping him get elected. Nice.

Rick Santorum; this guy actually believes that “Pursuit of Happiness” in the Declaration of Independence  meant obeying God and doing God’s work. This is outrageous, showing a total misunderstanding of our founding documents and brings into stark relief what a religious nut Santorum is. He is dangerous and should be kept as far away from the Presidency as possible.

Ron Paul. I’m a small and large L libertarian and the small L libertarian likes Mr. Paul except for this little race problem he seems to have. He’s been a good, consistent libertarian except that now we all have to deal with being associated with a possible racist. Great. Iowans will now rethink using Ron Paul to send their message of dissatisfaction with the field. They want to send a message but not one that makes them look bad. BTW, Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico recently quit the Republican Party and joined the Libertarian Party….so I now know for whom I’ll be voting for President.

So why is Romney going to come from behind and win Iowa? Because the Republican base is going to come to the realization that a long drawn out primary is not in their best interest and will only provide fuel for the campaigner-in-chief Barack Obama. Mr. Romney, as much as I hate to say it, is without doubt the one with the best chance to beat Mr. Obama. I think a campaign between Newt and Barack would be a lot more entertaining but politics isn’t a reality show, OK, it actually is a reality show and it's the best reality show on TV but that’s beside the point. If the Republicans don’t get behind Mitch soon they risk re-electing Mr. Obama.