Monday, September 3, 2012

Run Paul Run…Away from that stupid lie

Exaggeration is something we all accept in politics. We also accept it in product marketing. In sales and marketing there’s a concept called “puffing”. Puffing is a slight exaggeration, like, “this is the best car in its class”, or “you can’t buy a better broadcast video server than the Grass Valley K2”.

Saying you once ran a marathon in the high two’s, “2 hours and fifty-something” minutes when you haven't….is NOT the same thing. Even if he had run it in 3 hours and 1 minute he would not have remembered it as 2 hours 59 minutes. You just don’t. I know that I’ve never shot 79 at golf but shot 80 several times. I remember that I never ran a 10K (6.2 miles) in less than 62 minutes which equates to a 10 minute mile average. I remember that. And I don’t have a particularly great memory.

So, my level of trust in Paul Ryan has waned. It’s not going to change my vote because it's still my intent to vote for the Libertarians; Gary Johnson and Jim Gray. It's stuff like this that just really gets on my last good nerve and why I simply don't trust the two major parties. They make for good entertainment but their thirst for power is such that they'll lie about just about anything. Oh, and Gary Johnson REALLY did climb Mount Everest.