Saturday, January 16, 2010

In God we Trust

If I hear another survivor of the earthquake in Haiti thank God for saving them, I'm going to pull out my last few strands of hair. So God decided to save your sorry ass and not the other oh pick a number, say, 50-200 thousand people. Seems to me he could save the whole bunch, I'm mean, damn, He or She is God, for God's sake.

The good Reverend Pat Robertson, who can always be counted on to contribute the most incredible quote, says that Haiti was cursed by God for making a pact with the devil a couple of hundred years ago in exchange for helping them break away from the French. The French? Since when has a country needed God’s help to defeat the freaking French? But I digress. My ‘Ole buddy Pat is the only one making any sense here. There has to be SOME reason why this god forsaken country has been so forsaken by God. Pat is being vilified by Christians and non-Christians alike for his assertion but at least his point of view has some logical consistency. There has to be some reason God would save some and not all. Either that or there is no unified holistic intelligence in the Abrahamic tradition controlling every aspect of life on earth, including earthquakes. Me thinks it’s the latter.


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